This is Our Story

MediBear / Ben’s MediBear® were inspired by my own children, one of which has special needs (tracheostomy/Ventilated, epilepsy & PEG fed), we wanted his siblings to avoid pulling on his “devices”, and likewise him also not to pull.

We wanted to show them that not everyone is the same, as that would be very boring, but we all need love, attention and to be played with, but maybe in different ways than others, and also, while it’s ok to touch the “devices”, we really aren’t allowed to pull at them, because it hurts!

We also wanted the adults in our family and friends circle, to see the devices, on a bear, which is tactile, and more user friendly, than on a “sick child”, (adults are frightened it seems by children and medical devices!)

so in turn, they could appreciate, and understand our child’s needs that little bit better, to educate them and encourage acceptance.

Our aim, is to “operate” on our bears, to be as unique as each child that needs them.

We know how expensive having a disabled child is, and things like this, although useful, wouldn’t be an option if they had to be shipped from abroad, for many. We do this as a not-for-profit for the benefit of the community/others.

Let’s take the next step and work together