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Cuddly teddy bears as unique as their owners! Bespoke, custom made, cuddly bears, looking for a home from special kids or adults who look just like them! Our bears can be adapted with everything from midline cardiac scars, to tracheostomys, button PEG tubes to AFOS or cochlear implants and almost everything in between!

Our aim is to promote social inclusion and social acceptance for anyone living with a medical device or procedure, irrespective of age.

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Each ®bear is bespoke, handmade to order. A Bear, includes up to two medical devices ( for example tracheostomy & PEG tube etc) or two procedures (Mid-line heart surgery scar & shunt bump/scar etc), and are priced accordingly thereafter, for bears requiring a greater level of complexity. AFOs are available, and are priced at £7.50 per pair, or £5 for x1 (AFOs are not included in a standard bear, two device price, as these are outsourced and crafted just for us).

A bespoke bear, including UK courier delivery is £30, and usually takes a week to craft and deliver, from payment is accepted, provided we have the device you require in stock.

A bespoke bear with hearing aids (pink or blue), or cochlear implants are also available. A bear with one hearing aid/one cochlear is £45, bilateral aids/implants £50 (55 euro), and includes your choice of complimentary choice of outfit and complimentary choice of tummy scent chip.

Republic of Ireland customers 42* euro (a bear with up to two devices/procedures inc delivery)

United States of America $ 75* (standard bear with up to two procedures/devices inc delivery)

(*may vary, depending on exchange rate- but will be confirmed & agreed at time of order)

A gorgeous range of outfits are available, £7.50 each, only when purchased with a bear (just let us know your choice when requesting a bear quote), or £10 inc P&P without a bear purchase.

Fabulous AROMAbearapy™ (aromatherapy)  scent chips are also available, for £2.50 with a bear order. AROMAbearapy™ scents last from 6 months to 2 years! Hmmmm


email us to begin your bear customisation….

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We wanted to show them that not everyone is the same, as that would be very boring,
but we all need love, attention and to be played with.
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